About the NYLGA

The NYLGA is the trading name of the Central Local Government Region which is a regional subsidiary established under the Local Government Act 1999 (SA). The purpose of the NYLGA is to undertake the co-ordination, advocacy and representation of the constituent councils at a regional level. Through the increased facilitation and co-ordination of local government activities relating to economic and community development at a regional level, the object of improving benefits to the communities of the constituent councils is enabled.

The NYLGA aims to develop, encourage, promote, foster and maintain consultation and co-operation and to strengthen the representation and status of local government when dealing with other governments, private enterprise and the community.

The development and management of policies which guide the conduct of programs and projects in the region secures the best outcomes for the communities of the region. In undertaking projects and activities that benefit the region and its communities the NYLGA associates, collaborates and works in conjunction with the constituent councils as well as other regional local government bodies for the advancement of matters of common interest.

Member Councils

Local Government Association of South Australia

Regional Development Australia

Natural Resources