Regional Strategic Voice

Regional Strategic Voice

The Legatus Group through its Strategic Plan and regional alliances has set clear regional priorities and guides that are undertaken via the 3 years action plan and annual business plan.

They maintain a sound working relationship with the principal decision makers, policy influences and regional partners that are based on mutual respect and timely communication.

Their positive relationships with state and regional partners ensures the region has a high profile and Legatus are the “go-to” opinion leader on matters of interest to Local Government.

Via an annual “Regional Forum/Think Tank” they assist leaders from each of the region’s communities and relevant State and Federal politicians and agencies to present the regional impacts of their plans and policies and the opportunities to work together to address these.

The Legatus Group have committed their support the Undrinkable, Unthinkable campaign to urgently address regional water crisis:

Media Release – Legatus – 20231201 (Final)

2018 – 2028 REGIONAL ROADMAP This regional plan is a collaborative approach to supporting this region to be the best it can be. By identifying the growth factors and levers, which support our regional businesses and communities, we can take advantage of existing opportunities and proactively generate new ones.

Local Government Workforce- In partnership with Torrens University Australia the Legatus Group have released the Attracting, Developing and Retaining Regional Local Government Workforce Report 

Research Report_Legatus_TUA_LG Workforces_31 August_22

Meeting current and future skill needs will be an ongoing challenge for the Local Govt sector and more significantly regional councils. Within the context of a tightening national labour market the regional Local Govt sector will find it difficult to compete against other industry sectors and urban based LGs to attract and retain skilled labour. The Legatus Group partnered with Torrens University to deliver a comprehensive Regional Local Govt Careers Toolkit to assist regional local government to attract Local Government work-forces in Regional SA.

Local Government Career Pathways Report

Rating Equity for commercial and/or industrial land uses outside towns in South Australia report. Final Report – Rating Equity for Commercial-Industrial Land Uses Outside Towns in SA (1)

The Legatus Group commissioned a further report by AEC titled Rating Equity in South Australia and the Financial Impacts on Local Government’s Ability to Support Growth.

Rating Equity Impact Assessment – Final Report 03Feb20

That the Legatus Group supports the approach by SAROC to seek a commitment from the State Government to immediately commence working with local government on amendments to rating policy with regards to electricity generators.

Regional Visitor Information Services report: The aim of this project was to provide member Councils of Legatus with recommendations – based on solid evidence and meaningful consultation – to inform them in considering ways that Local Government can support VIS now and into the future. Legatus Group Tourism Visitor Information Services Report July 2019 Final Legatus Situation Analysis Final Legatus VIS – Two Pager

University MoUs The Legatus Group has established MoU’s with Universities to increase opportunities to build Social Infrastructure, Community Services and Sustainable Economic Development.

The Legatus Group partnered with UniSA and with support from the Theo Murphy Initiative (Australia) delivered in March 2023 the Prosper! Interdisciplinary Solutions for Prosperous Regions Forum. The forums report

Prosper Interdisciplinary Solutions for prosperous regions – Final Version 18072023

Legatus Sept 2019

Strategic Research Action Plan Letter to UniSA

MoU_Legatus_UA_UA205189_FINAL 2