Committees & Working Groups

Executive Committee

The Northern and Yorke Local Government Association has developed an Executive Committee in compliance with its charter to provide organisational direction for the CEO and the board

Terms of Reference N&YLGA Executive Committee

Waste Management Advisory Group (WMAG)

The primary function of the NYLGA WMAC is to provide advice and support to the NYLGA in progressing and monitoring the 2021-2026 NYLGA Waste and Resources Recovery Strategy and Action Plan. TOR WMAC 2022

Audit & risk Management Committee

The primary objective of the Audit & Risk Committee is to protect and create value for the Board and the Constituent Council Members (Councils). It will provide advice and recommendations to the Board of Management (Board), contributing to a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of financial management, risk management, internal controls and governance processes.

Audit & Risk Committee Charter and Terms of Reference June 2024


Road & Transport Infrastructure Advisory Committee

The primary function of the NYLGA ‘Road and Transport Infrastructure Advisory Committee’ is to coordinate and progress regional road and transportation issues and activities. This includes overseeing the implementation, coordination and review of the Region’s regional transport strategy and assessing and prioritising regional transport projects as necessary.

Terms of Reference

CWMS Advisory committee

The primary function of the NYLGA CWMS Advisory Committee is to coordinate and progress CWMS issues and activities including overseeing the implementation of the Joint Services Arrangement  and prioritise regional CWMS projects as necessary. This includes the coordination and support for submissions for funding on regional CWMS issues.

Terms of Reference

Yorke & Mid North regional Alliance

The NYLGA, RDA Yorke and Mid North and the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board have formed the Northern and Yorke Alliance to provide a mechanism for these key regional organisations to work closely together, share information and resources and promote better coordination and collaboration on initiatives that may have a better long-term benefit for the community if addressed from a triple bottom line perspective. The Alliance has developed a 2018-2028 Regional Plan.

Regional-Roadmap 2018 -2028