Youth in Music Session 5

Date: Tue 25 August at 7pm (Duration: 1 hour)

Using Social Media to Promote Your Music

This session is a two-part series bundled into a playlist. Click the “playlist” button in the top right of the video window to view all parts in this session.
In Session 5 of Youth in Music, we are joined by special guests Darren Mullan and Graeme Stephens. Darren is the Co-founder and producer of the famous ‘Hindley Street Country Club’ YouTube sensation from South Australia. Graeme and Darren generously share their knowledge of live streaming and how they’ve utilised social media to build an online audience.

Topics to be included include:

  • Using Social Media: the good bits, the not-so-good bits
  • Distribution platforms: Spotify, iTunes, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, Bandcamp + others
  • Streaming: live streaming
  • Using YouTube