Natural Environment

Legatus Group values is partnerships with the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board to address the most significant issues for regional communities and protect areas of significant biodiversity conservation value, such as roadside and remnant vegetation, river, coastal and marine environments and fragile soils. Legatus has partnered with the Landscape Board, Regional Development Australia and the SA Government  via a collaborative approach to climate change adaptation through the Regional Climate Change Sector Agreements. Northern and Yorke Sector Agreement Signed by Partners

Northern and Yorke Coastal Management Action Plan 
The Legatus Group have partnered with the Northern ad Yorke Landscape Board to develop the Action Plan and progress its implementation. The plan can be found at:

Sustainability Hub Reports 
The following reports via a collaboration with Adelaide University  have led to the release in March 2021 of PROJECT 155 Mid North Sustainability Hub 
Concept Plan: Final report

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