Legatus group
a Regional Local Government Ambassador & Advocate

peak regional local government organisation that focuses on the wealth, wellbeing and social cohesion of its communities via sustainable productive landscapes and the natural environments.


Member Councils

The Legatus Group aims to develop, encourage, promote, foster, maintain consultation, co-operation and to strengthen the representation of local government when dealing with private enterprise and the community.

Our Committees

The Legatus Group Visitor Information Services (VIS) is to provide guidance to the Legatus Group CEO, the board and councils whilst also overseeing recommended actions from the 2019 Legatus Group Regional Visitor Information Services report.

Opportunities supported

The Legatus Group actively works with regional providers to help gain knowledge to assist with advocating for improvement of health, education, community and social support services/ sectors.

The Legatus Group are seeking to increase the level of productivity, safety and community connectivity through increased funding for local significant roads. This requires fairer funding models to address the regions local roads infrastructure deficiencies. 

Watch our video on Fairer Funding Models

Legatus Group is the trading name of the Central Local Government Region
established under the Local Government Act 1999 (SA)